World Classroom: Dr. Sarah Bauer, Rowan University - Shared screen with speaker view
Liliana Lemanowicz
I'm Liliana, a lab tech on RCSJ's Gloucester campus!
Allison Lucci
Are you familiar with the proposed Glassboro Camden rail line? Do you have any comments from an environmental engineering perspective?
Glenn Groves
From an environmental, soil and ground water perspective, are the implications of the large scale mulching and composting operations being considered at a research level. They seem to be expanding a lot in this area with the growth of the landscaping business in our counties. Particularly potential impact on private wells. It seems that there is a lot of potential for negative impact due to the chemicals and other debris processed in the materials.
Taylor Federico
Thank you so much! Love your story!! Have a great day everyone!!
Liliana Lemanowicz